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Jaya was born in New Delhi, into a family of design and construction  professionals. She completed her Bachelor in Architecture degree in New Delhi followed by post graduate studies at The Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture (now Prince's Foundation) in London. She has over 15 years’ experience in high end residential projects for private and corporate clients through her work at a respected central London Architecture and Interior Design practice.


Her design approach originates from the classical principles of symmetry and balance, light and warmth, traditional features paired with clean lines, luxurious textures and finely crafted materials. She has developed a distinctive style that’s creative yet sophisticated and understated. She has an affinity for bold patterns and colours and a focus on detail.



Lagle was born in Estonia and has an eclectic interest in buildings, old and new, she loves wood and concrete equally! Her pragmatic attitude towards materials is that they must look graceful and provide protection from harsh environment. Nordic logic - practical and beautiful. She is an experienced manager and has keen eye for details. Her life philosophy of simple, clutter free balance is reflected in her design narratives. On projects she will be the one behind the camera.


Tel: 079 51601871

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